Duo Tachoir - "Shades of Blue"


Marlène Tachoir - Piano and Voice

Jerry Tachoir - Vibraphone


All original compositions by Marlène Tachoir


Available digitally on Apple ITunes.


Release date

April 2, 2020

Jerry Tachoir Group - "Stories"


Jerry Tachoir - Vibraphone, Marlène Tachoir - Piano, Voice, Roy Vogt - Bass, Danny Gottlieb -Drums, Rich Adams - Drums, Beth Gottlieb - Percussion




Available digitally on Apple iTunes.

Jerry Tachoir Group - "Travels"


Jerry Tachoir - Vibes and Marimba, Marlene Tachoir - Piano and Voice, Roy Vogt - bass

Ralph Pace - Drums, Tom Roady - Percussion



Available digitally on Apple iTunes

Also available at AbstractLogix

The Jerry Tachoir Group - "Beyond Stereotype"


This recording by Jerry Tachoir and the Group Tachoir features; Jerry Tachoir - Vibes, Marimba, Marlene Tachoir - Keyboards, Roy Vogt - Bass, Dan Needham - Drums.




Available digitally on Apple iTunes

Jerry Tachoir / Van Manakas Duo - "Improvised Thoughts"


Jerry Tachoir - Vibes and Marimba,  Van Manakas - Guitars




Available digitally on Apple iTunes

Marlene Tachoir - "Tales of Emotions"


Marlène Tachoir - Piano, Voice,  Jerry Tachoir - Percussion




Available digitally on Apple iTunes

Jerry Tachoir Group - "Tachoir Vision"


This project is a compilation of recordings past and present. It is a musical vision of mallet keyboard artist, Jerry Tachoir, and award winning composer, Marlene Tachoir, with an array of musical guests such as: Danny Gottlieb, Roy Vogt, Van Manakas, Craig Nelson, Rick Connell, Mark Hammond, and Ray Dunaway


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Jerry Tachoir & Friends


Recorded in 1986 - Only available in Vinyl


Features: Jerry Tachoir - Vibraphone, Marimba, Percussion,    Marlene Tachoir - Keyboards, Voice,     Roy Vogt - Bass,     Danny Gottlieb - Drums,     VanManakas - Guitars


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Vinyl Recording

The Jerry Tachoir Group - "Canvas"



Available digitally on Apple iTunes


Originally released in 1984, it had received excellent reviews from Bill Bucher/RECORDINGS, BRE and OP Magazine.  It had also charted in Radio & Records and debuted at number 23 in August.  Jerry is a proponent of marimba and vibes, who has studied under Gary Burton at Berklee and performed in New York clubs and with the Pittsburgh and American Wind Symphonies.  This album was penned by his wife who has woven a canvas of jazz styles.  The group is comprised of vocalist and pianist, Marlene Tachoir, bassist Craig Nelson and drummers Mark Hammond and Rick Connell.